Opening Times

The Fishery is open 365 days of the year. And yes we have had fishermen on Christmas Day and it is always our gift to let them fish for free! Opening times for those not fishing a 24 hour ticket are dictated by daylight hours and will change a little throughout the year. Please see opening times in the box below which are given as a guide.

Day Fishing

1st May - 30th September

Monday6:30am - 9:00pm
Tuesday6:30am - 9:00pm
Wednesday6:30am - 9:00pm
Thursday6:30am - 9:00pm
Friday6:30am - 9:00pm
Saturday6:30am - 9:00pm
Sunday6:30am - 9:00pm
6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm6:30am - 9:00pm

1st October - 30th April

Monday6:30am - 6:30pm
Tuesday6:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesday6:30am - 6:30pm
Thursday6:30am - 6:30pm
Friday6:30am - 6:30pm
Saturday6:30am - 6:30pm
Sunday6:30am - 6:30pm
6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm6:30am - 6:30pm

Night Fishing

We welcome night fishing anglers (24 hour ticket) and this option is available year round. Christmas Tree, Pittance and Main Lake are the primary night fishing lakes as these have been stocked specifically with the night fisherman/specimen hunter in mind and matches are never held on these three lakes. 24 hour fishermen are free to set up on any lake but should check that there are no matches the following day as these will take precedence and you will be asked to move. Please note that BBQs are permitted but that these should not be set up directly on the grass. Open fires are not allowed.